Thinking with simple drawings, the arrival fallacy, and the myriad ways medieval monks fended off worldly distractions.
The conversation we have with books, Winston Churchill’s wartime memo on brevity, and Ian Leslie’s taxonomy of stupidity.
The joy of curation and sharing, the art of understanding and Hans-Georg Gadamer, and how the billable hour warps our perception of time.
An anecdote about assuming too much, entropy explained with sheep, and a brief intro to the Johnny Decimal system.
The characteristics of interesting content, Ryan Holiday on how to digest books, and the “Tom Sawyer Effect.”
C.S. Lewis on the disconnect between student and teacher, Nassim Taleb considers disinformation and salient details, and the See-Do-Feedback practice…
Sextus Empiricus’ “Outlines of Pyrrhonism”, the trap of optionality, and what Renaissance painters can teach us about reality and perception.
An introductory anthology to essential philosophy topics, the problems of context collapse and content collapse, and the evolution of language in…
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