For the Insatiably Curious

If you’re interested in thinking tools for improving your mind, reading for the joy of learning, and being exposed to new ideas (and spending time to reflect on old ones), this is the place for you.

I run the Mental Pivot blog where I post about what I’m learning, reading, and the habits I employ to exercise my mind.

What you can expect:

I publish this newsletter once a week. Every week you can expect:

  • A short (hopefully insightful) thought for the week.

  • Highlights from my blog: New book summaries and articles.

  • A curated list of interesting articles and podcasts from a wide range of disciplines and sources (economics, philosophy, technology, business, writing about writing, are a few of my favorites).

  • A handful of odds and ends: These weekly finds and worthwhile bookmarks that might delight, amuse, or edify.

A sampling of popular items from the blog:


David Papandrew