Two mental obstacles that impede my creativity and a rediscovered Soviet television adaptation of The Lord of the Rings from 1991.
The memory and poise of pianist Maria João Pires, “On Grand Strategy” by John Lewis Gaddis, and Gallup’s annual survey on religion in America.
An intriguing proverb’s metaphorical relevance and modern interpretation, and the World Happiness Report measures global contentment in the year of COV…
My local bakery nails the customer experience and “Working Backwards” by Colin Bryar and Bill Carr—a book about’s business principles.
An idiosyncratic classification for books, “Thinking in Bets” by Annie Duke, and a riveting podcast series about Lady Bird Johnson and 1960s America.
Golf with my father, “Storyworthy” by Matthew Dicks, and non-fungible tokens.
Spinal Tap, selectivity and the digital media deluge, “Philosophy the Basics” by Nigel Warburton, and a GPT-3 enabled writing tool.
A simple formula for a good day, “Think Again” by Adam Grant, and three solutions for podcast discovery.
A handful of overlooked individuals who improved our world, “How Innovation Works” by Matt Ridley, and “nets and knives” as a note-taking metaphor.
A Lyft ride that surprised me, newsletter discovery and newsletter directories, and a lesson on reducing complexity while practicing Bach.
Pagliacci, irony, and assumptions, Ward Farnsworth’s practical guide to Stoicism, and a humble tool for reducing error.
In this issue: “What did you learn today?”, diligent idea capture, solving Siri’s dictation impatience, and a potpourri of new links.