Golf with my father, “Storyworthy” by Matthew Dicks, and non-fungible tokens.
Spinal Tap, selectivity and the digital media deluge, “Philosophy the Basics” by Nigel Warburton, and a GPT-3 enabled writing tool.
A simple formula for a good day, “Think Again” by Adam Grant, and three solutions for podcast discovery.
A handful of overlooked individuals who improved our world, “How Innovation Works” by Matt Ridley, and “nets and knives” as a note-taking metaphor.
A Lyft ride that surprised me, newsletter discovery and newsletter directories, and a lesson on reducing complexity while practicing Bach.
Pagliacci, irony, and assumptions, Ward Farnsworth’s practical guide to Stoicism, and a humble tool for reducing error.
In this issue: “What did you learn today?”, diligent idea capture, solving Siri’s dictation impatience, and a potpourri of new links.
In this issue: A parable about luck, Taleb’s “Fooled by Randomness,” a small blog announcement, and a mélange of curated links.
In this issue: The joy of reading lists, my 2021 booklist, and an assortment of new links.
In this issue: The calm down chart, a quartet of systems design problems, and a cornucopia of curated links.
In this issue: Favorite non-fiction narrative podcasts of 2020, the physics of Santa Claus, the photography of aging, and a garland of curated links.
In this issue: A thoughtful theme, my year-end review, the non-fiction book club I wish I had, and a muster of new links.